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best Home Care Nursing Services in Chennai – “Care and Cure at Home”

Best Home Care Nursing Services in Chennai

Our team at Care and Cure at Home, is offering at-home nursing services for all the individuals who are in need of them. We are offering Nursing Services to you along with the assistance of licensed practical nurses. Hence, you don’t need to keep doubt in mind about the quality of care and support that you can receive from Care and Cure At Home.

We offer both short term (12 Hour Shift) as well as long term (24 Hour Shift) at home nursing services to the people who are in need of them. It’s just a matter of contacting us to get these services available to you.

Is it necessary to get at-home nursing services from a qualified nurse?

Yes, it is extremely important for you to get the at-home nursing services that you need from a qualified and reputed nurse. That’s because it can contribute a lot towards the success of care and treatments offered.

Qualified and trained nurses have gone through appropriate training. They are also equipped with professional skills. Hence, they will be able to utilize the knowledge and experience when offering treatments that you would need.

The nurses have a solid understanding of different health conditions and medical emergencies that would arise. On the other hand, they know how to act accordingly during emergency situations that you would come across.

The nurses are aware of how to use medical equipment’s, oxygen supplementation, installation of ramps and even offer therapy services. On the other hand, they know how to administer medications and make sure that the care receiver is getting the medications according to the schedule. Due to all these reasons, you can think about obtaining at-home care nursing services instead of hiring just another caregiver. You will appreciate all the help and support that comes on your way.

What can you get from our at-home nursing services?

You can expect to receive a variety of home care nursing services from our expert team. Here are some of the most prominent services out of them – Educating the patient about their health, Managing basic healthcare needs, Creating special diet plans and managing the grocery lists for them, Administering medications, Emergency healthcare support when needed.

We will also be able to offer specialized care to your loved ones, such as application of wound dressings, tube feeding, intravenous feeding, rehab nursing, injections, and heat treatments. They know how to take good care of a Elderly at all times and make sure that a senior doesn’t need to worry about anything in terms of the treatments received. We are qualified and experienced to offer at-home healthcare services.

The team of registered nurses working at Care and Cure At Home are qualified to receive at-home healthcare services you need. Hence you don’t need to think about directing your seniors with health conditions to an old age home. Instead, you can allow them to remain in a comfortable home environment and obtain the treatments in a convenient manner. We offer the best elder care services in Chennai.

Apart from taking good care of seniors, our home nursing services can help you to get nursing services for people in any other age category. We are capable of delivering experienced Nursing Duty Services, Therapy Services, Rehabilitation Support as per the needs. Along with all these services, we make sure that our nursing staff are provided with all the support and assistance needed to ensure their good health and wellbeing throughout.

We can customize home care nursing services according to the needs that you have as well.

Home Nursing Care services offered. Our certified and well-trained nurses excel in providing various services like Elder care, Chronic care, Wound care, Post-surgical care, Tracheotomy, Injections and IV infusion, Personal care including dressing, bathing and other daily activities, 24 Hour Emergency Care. Our home health care services includes nurses at home, trained attendants, devices at home and physiotherapy at home.

Home Nurse: Our home nurses are medically trained to assist clinical care to elder patients. These services include help with activities of everyday life while recovering from an illness and more complication take care of people who need it. Our home nurses provide assistance with recovery and post-hospitalization care to patients and help their families handle medication and care in-home, building enduring and trusting relationships with patients within the process.

Experienced and Compassionate Doctors now closer than never before: Avail Video Consultation with any speciality doctor right from the comfort of your home.

Our Services include Critical Care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing (Long Term and Short Term), Lab Tests, Doctor Consultation @ Home / Tele-Consultation, Medical Equipment for Rent / Sale, Trained Attendants, Elder Care, Diabetes Care, Nutrition and Diet Consultation, Counselling, Medicine Delivery and Care Givers.

Let our family take care of yours. Trust us to help your loved one recover quickly and restore functionality, all from the comfort of home.

Your family member at Care & Cure At Home is just a call away. For more information, please call +91-9655691111.