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Geriatrics is a branch of treating and giving medical care to elderly people, which includes preventing, diagnosing, and treating various health problems among seniors. Geriatrics also deals with giving palliative care for seniors who are terminally ill and require comprehensive care and support. Commonly, people above the age of 60 are considered as elders and are treated by Geriatricians. Along with doctors, It also includes Nurses, Social workers, care managers, Pharmacists, Physical therapists, Nutritionists, Occupational therapists would collaboratively work together to provide comprehensive care for the elders. Elders are often affected by age-related diseases and mind related diseases.

The diseases are classified as multiple diseases, chronic diseases, and symptoms from multiple medications. Geriatricians would comprehensively look into the patient’s report and their previous history to treat the existing diseases. The stream of Geriatrics is taking prominence, as specialized individualistic care becomes the need of this hour.

  • Aging process makes the body week and vulnerable to many diseases. It causes a lot of deficiencies, and malfunctioning of certain glands, hormones, and organs.
  • When put on a regular doctor’s visit, it helps to constantly evaluate the health of the elders, as the doctor might know the previous record of the elders, and can be able to quickly devise a method to heal quickly.
  • When you are connected with Care and Cure At Home, we ensure that all the necessary tests, readings, and important parameters are noted down, and with a pool of doctors, it is able to crosscheck and assist the patient with a different set of doctors.
  • Apart from the essential qualification, it is essential for the nurses to be highly congenial with the elders.
  • We have both male nurses, and female nurses pertaining to the requirement.
  • Gaining their trust, and giving them a proper companionship is highly important. Right from taking the elders for walking, helping them to change their dress, or clean their soiled clothes, and even taking them to the toilet, and help them to excrete should be done with a great level of dedication.
  • It is also important to note that some patients may require regular cleaning of the wound and dressing the wound.
  • Physiotherapists know the pain points and can able to identify the musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular problems of the elders.
  • Every different body condition requires different types of curing and caring.
  • The Physiotherapists should also be able to identify the strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and pain levels of the patients.
  • An ambulance not only help the elders during an emergency, but it is also used when the elders want to travel, but on the safer side they need all the precautionary measures
  • An ambulance consists of first aid, life support tools to help the elders have a safe journey. Mobility enhances the confidence of a person and restores self-worth, which makes the seniors build confidence in life.
  • People above the age of sixty are considered senior citizens, and it is mandatory to consult a Geriatrician regularly.
  • Elderly people with multiple medical co-morbid conditions and critical illness are required to consult regularly
  • Senior citizens taking multiple medications for their diseases or body conditions, which need constant care and support
  • It is very important to consult a Geriatrician if there is a slight discomfort or difference in the bodily activity that disturbs the daily routine.
  • When there is a constant memory loss, and have challenges in remembering, a Geriatrician would help to enhance the health.
  • When mental wellness is hampered by conditions like suspicion of dementia or depression, it is highly advisable to consult the Geriatrician

We at homecare give wide-ranging medical care and individualistic attention, to ensure maximum care and attention is given to elders. We believe that compassion, empathy, and respect is shown towards the elders will bring enormous changes in their life. With highly qualified Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other medical practitioners, who will seamlessly help and support the elders to have a positive and happy life. We work round the clock and immediately attend the concerns. Totally, we provide complete care and give immediate attention. With us, the complete peace of mind and satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • With over three decades of experience in Geriatrics, we deliver Increased diagnostic accuracy and ensure a holistic diagnostics.
  • Improved functional status and comprehensive care will enable the elders to gain confidence and can witness the positive way of life.
  • Better survival rate through early detection, and good maintenance, all at the convenience of their home, is our salient feature.
  • Minimal hospital use, which involves strain for not only the elders but also the Guardians who take care.
  • We insist our seniors take timely medication without skipping their routine and assist them in the process thoroughly.   
  • We, at Care and Cure At Home, enhance the good quality of life through our comprehensive care.
  • Diet is important. Food should be nutritious, palatable and soft if the individual has difficulty chewing.
  • Exercise is highly essential to maintain proper health and wellness
  • It is highly essential to have a minimum sleep of ten hours.
  • Cholesterol control is another very important preventive measure, which needs to be monitored always. Gentle body exercise and controlled food habits along with regular monitoring will help to keep the cholesterol under control.
  • Elders should stop drinking & smoking as it is hazardous and controls the body’s condition to function well. Many organs will choke and become functionless if the elders continue to smoke.
  • Do not be discreet with elderly people while giving care, show enormous optimism and encourage the feeling of inclusion
  • Always be patient and polite, as it helps to develop a positive attitude between the elders to enable greater levels of understanding. This builds confidence with the elders and enables a seamless work
  • Optimize communication throughout the caregiving. It not only helps to establish a good connection but will also help many elderly who feel isolated and alone. Make them feel important and cherish with them.
  • Make the individual feel safe and comfortable. It is highly essential to ensure a positive atmosphere for the elders.
  • Get the history from the patient and family. A comprehensive medical history and food habits will always be very supportive in understanding the elders and giving them complete care.
  • Getting stressed while caregiving should be avoided. Ensure that the caregivers are also positive and in the right body and mental condition to be able to assist their patients.
  • Ensure the elderly are well hydrated. Medication, functional deficits, naturally less water in the body owing to aging, less thirst may reduce water intake. This needs to be monitored and regulated.