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Oncology Care at Home - AFFORDABLE HOME CARE IN CHENNAI – “Oncology Care services”

Oncology Care at Home

Affordable Home Care in Chennai – “Oncology Care Services”

Being diagnosed with cancer does not mean you or a family member can’t get the best possible care at home. With our oncology care service, cancer patients can not only recover well in the familiar environment but to also get emotional support of loved ones.

Care and Cure At Home understands that cancer patients should get the same specialized care and attention at home that hospitals provide. That’s why we have come up with Oncology Care services, which is a right option for those receiving treatment or recovering after the diagnosis.

Our services extend much beyond medical and clinical help, and also encapsulate daily chores such as feeding, cleaning, bathing etc. The oncology care from us is aimed at helping cancer patients with daily tasks so that they can have good experience during the recovery phase. We also offer palliative cancer care at home for those with advanced stage of cancer.

We have a trained team of nurses, therapists, psychologists and nutritionists with experience in cancer care. Our oncology care team is able to guide patients, and their families, through their needs, and ensure the best possible care in the home setting.

With our oncology care, you will be able to reduce hospitalizations and get timely and early interventions. You can call our team anytime and let us work with the patient’s oncologist and healthcare team for the best possible care at home.

Services Offered: Our Oncology Care is fit for anyone diagnosed with cancer and in need of care and support of a dedicated medical caretaker. Our services can help at various levels, including:

  • A tailored cancer-care plan based on the doctor’s recommendation
  • 12-24 hours of nursing care and support by a team experienced in cancer care
  • Round-the-clock medical care taker support
  • Physiotherapy and Nutritional Counselling
  • Monitoring of vitals on a continuous basis
  • Administration of medication as per Oncologist’s advice
  • Infusion therapy nursing
  • Palliative care for patients with advanced stages of cancer

Benefits of Oncology Care at Home: Our oncology care services are effective for patients diagnosed with cancer and looking to get care and support at home. They can benefit in many ways, including:

  • Fewer visits to hospital due to timely intervention
  • A dedicated team to attend to cancer patient’s needs
  • Monitoring of medications
  • Help to patients from experts with knowledge of pain and symptom management
  • Trained professionals with knowledge of wound /ostomy care
  • IV/home infusion therapy

Looking for a compassionate and affordable Home Health Care in Chennai? Care and Cure At Home offers world-class home health care services across Chennai that allow you to get professional health care in the comfort of your home. Our highly trained Nurses, Attendants, Medical Equipment Rent / Sale and Physiotherapists provide quality care and medical support to patients. They help with medication, injury or post-surgery recovery and personal care.

Our at Home Services include Critical Care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing – 12 hours / 24 hours  (Long Term and Short Term), Lab Sample Collection at Home, Doctor Consultation at Home / Tele-Consultation, Medical Equipment for Rent / Sale, Trained Attendants, Elder Care, Diabetes Care, Nutrition and Diet Consultation, Counselling, Medicine Delivery and Care Givers.

Let our family take care of yours. Trust us to help your loved one recover quickly and restore functionality, all from the comfort of home. Your family member at Care & Cure At Home is just a call away. Emergency can happen anytime. Save this number. For more information, please call +91-9655691111.